'Then I Kissed Her' is a documentary project based on my parents and how they lived with dementia during the last year that Dad was at home. My father was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2012, he was 61 at the time. The effects of the disease were not evident for a while but eventually they began to show. Dad was a very active man, a keen gardener, mechanic, electrician, anything that needed to be done he could do it. A few years after his diagnosis this all changed, his peripheral vision weakened as did his coordination and motor skills.  Although his personality didn't change much he did become more child like. My mother had to witness these changes first hand and learn to live with a person with dementia. The roles changed and my mother became wife and carer. Dad stayed at home until February 2017 when he became immobile and needed 24 hour care. He passed away on 9th November 2019. 

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