Derilict Farm in Waterford City

Close to where I live is a derelict farm that remains hidden to the public. The farm is off a main street in the centre of Waterford City, Ireland. The owner died a few years ago and the place was locked up. I have always wanted to photograph it and during the week I noticed that the gate was forced open so I went in for a look. It is a treasure chest for photographers, however, someone was squatting in it. There were cans of beer and ‘firelogs’ in one of the open sheds, I imagine whoever was there left during the day and returned to sleep there during the night. I went to the farm early on the morning and took photographs on my 35mm camera and my pinhole. I ran out of film but I intend to return to take photographs in the evening where the light will be better. I also want to shoot a colour series on my Hassleblad as there are beautiful spring flowers on display.

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